Tuesday, 29 May 2012

assalamulaikum..lme sy ta update blog sy ny na cite skit sal pe y trjdy kt sy ad seorg kwn y agk rpat ny..kwn ke??tah la sbb msing2 na knal aty msing2 dLu.xp sy mmg cmbru n trse sgt2 nn dy..dy dh ckp awl2 agy nn sy y dy ny sosial n ske lpak nn pmwan xp ble sy twu sume sal cmbru sgt2..mcm ne sy na uat ny ek??tlg la share kn pndpt korang nn sy..plzz

Friday, 18 May 2012

putus chinta

assalamulaikum dh lme ptus nn dye xp npe smpay skank sy ssah na lpekan dy?adakah dy bgtu brmkna uat sy?da sape2 leyh bntu sy sLsaikan msaLah ny ta?mcm mne sy na lpekan dy sdih sgt2 coz dy ptos2 nn sy trus dy da jmpe pnggnti.nmpak sgt an dy ta sygkn sy spnjng kmi kapel pown sy rdha nn pe y brLku ny..xp mcm mne sy na lpekn dy me!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

sad love

" true love is when you shed a tears and still want him,its when he ignores you and you still love him its when he loves another but you still smile and say.."im happy for him "...when all you reaLLy do is cry and cry..
you may be out of my sight..but never out of my mind..trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew..
sometimes,no matter how much faith we have,we lose peopLe.but you never forget tHem.and sometimes, it's tHose memories that give us the strength to go on..

aty yg hncur

hye.assalamualaikum kwn2..aeneyh sy sdih sgt2 tawu mcm mne nk mle ad syg sorang ny sgt2 xp dy mcm ta prnh na mmhami sy dh bt y ckop trbek tuk dy xp pe y sy uat bg dy sume nye sLah..dy na dy je y btL syg dy sgt2 aw xp ptut ke sy mLpaskn dy ta ckop kuat tuk uat sume ny..xp sy ase sy prLu mnjdi seorg y kuat tuk kbhgiaan dy na tgk dy bhgia bia laa sy y drita..impian sy brsme dy adlh tuk mmbuat dy bhgia.xp law dy ta bhgia nn sy tuk pe agy sy prlu go on kn..dy pown dh bnyk brbah.dy dh ta mcm dLu lgi dh rdha sgela2 ta leyh na pkse dy tuk sygkn sy ase sy prLu lpaskn dy tuk dy cae kbhgiaan dy cndry ad kwn2 y fllow sy..plzz give ur opinion dh buntu tuk uat kptsan y mktmad.

Friday, 2 March 2012

my love sTory

Love is like a lump of gold,hard to get and hard to hoLd.of all tHe guy i've eVer met,you're tHe one i can't forget.I do believe tHat god above,creaTed you for me to love.He choose you from all the rest,because he knew i wouLd  love you best.. 
you make me sTrong,you maKe me weaknesS,i lose my breaTh,i caNn0T speak,i see y0ur face,i cann0t h!de.The wonderfuL feElinGs.i fEeL !nside,i see y0ur eyEs l!ke an !gniTed f!rE.I f!naLly f0und my 0ne des!re it's l!ke a message fr0m up ab0ve for tHe verY f!rsT t!mE i felL !n l0ve..y0u're my sun,my're my w0rds,you're my tuNe,mY earTh,my sky,my're everytHing to're my Light !n tHe're my peace and h0pe,my foreVer love..for you,i waNt to say i l0ve u so daMn much..n0t eaSy for me t0 f0rget u..i pray to god our reLati0nship it forever and ever..i don't wanT to l0se u anymore..i love u so much m0hd hazwan b.bahazalan..

my best freind forever

today i found a friend,who knew everything i felt.she knew my every weakness,and the problem i've been dealt.she understood my wonders,and listened to my dream.she listened to how i felt about life and love,and knew what itall means.

Not once did she interrupt me,or tell me i was wrong.She understood what i was going through,and promised she'd stay long.

I reached out to this friend,to show her that i care,to pull her cLose and Let her know,how much i need her There.

I went to hoLd her hand,to pull her a bit nearer,and realize that this perfect friend i found,was nothing but my mirror.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

broken heart

how come you break my heart ,you crush my dreams,you destroy my soul and yet it's you feel i sorry for when you break down and tell me you've made a mistake .how come i have to worry when you're crying,wondering what you're capable is it that i feel like everything was my lies,your broken promises,your mistake.why is it fair that i have to suffer for both of us.why is it fair that i want to be angry with you forever,yet i know i've already forgiven you.where is the justice in that?