Friday, 2 March 2012

my love sTory

Love is like a lump of gold,hard to get and hard to hoLd.of all tHe guy i've eVer met,you're tHe one i can't forget.I do believe tHat god above,creaTed you for me to love.He choose you from all the rest,because he knew i wouLd  love you best.. 
you make me sTrong,you maKe me weaknesS,i lose my breaTh,i caNn0T speak,i see y0ur face,i cann0t h!de.The wonderfuL feElinGs.i fEeL !nside,i see y0ur eyEs l!ke an !gniTed f!rE.I f!naLly f0und my 0ne des!re it's l!ke a message fr0m up ab0ve for tHe verY f!rsT t!mE i felL !n l0ve..y0u're my sun,my're my w0rds,you're my tuNe,mY earTh,my sky,my're everytHing to're my Light !n tHe're my peace and h0pe,my foreVer love..for you,i waNt to say i l0ve u so daMn much..n0t eaSy for me t0 f0rget u..i pray to god our reLati0nship it forever and ever..i don't wanT to l0se u anymore..i love u so much m0hd hazwan b.bahazalan..

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